School of Environment

The School of Environment (SE) boasts long history and splendid culture. Over the past 100 years, HIT has achieved fruitful results in discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research and international cooperation. Thousands of outstanding graduates have passed through its high-level faculties, including four members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). Housing eight national research platforms for creating sustainable solutions to the world’s challenges, the SE has become an important base for the cultivation of highlevel innovative talent and scientific research in ecological environment. During all the rounds of discipline ranking by the Ministry of Education, HIT’s Environmental Science and Engineering has entered the top list. In the fourth round of evaluation, this program received an A + score and Municipal Engineering, an affiliated discipline of Civil Engineering, got A score. SE is the only department that has a State Key Laboratory, National Engineering Research Center, National Engineering Laboratory, National Innovation Research Group, International Base of Innovation and Foreign Intellectual?

All talent we cultivate will respect natural laws and engineering ethics, and will be full of multi-dimensional knowledge, innovative thinking and international vision, communication and collaboration skills, scientific and technological innovation ability. They will solve complex engineering problems and possess lifelong learning wills as well as good moral character, persistent belief and spirit of patriotism. A wide range of international cooperation approaches and security mechanisms have been established. SE has employed more than 50 longterm cooperation experts, including 11 adjunct doctoral supervisors. Every year about 300 teachers and students will attend international conferences for academic exchange and nearly 60 foreign famous scholars will give lectures here. Based on the “Double First-Class Universities of China” development project, the School of Environment is striving to stand on the international academic frontier, meet national demand, strengthen discipline’s advantages and characteristics, and choose our own influential disciplinary orientations. A world-class talent cultivating system will be set up and innovative human resources training modes and mechanisms will be carried out. We believe in 3 to 5 years, SE will develop its disciplines into vital bases of carrying out scientific and technological innovation, cultivating all kinds of high-level talent. SE will endeavor to build world-class environmental and engineering disciplines and provide technical support to solve global environmental problems. SE is moving forward toward a world-class school.

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